Meet The Young Engineers Driving Gen-4 Nuclear Technology
If you're expecting a film introducing the young talent behind Gen 4 nuclear tech to be dismissive of status quo, you'll be surprised: the brilliant, fresh-faced entrepreneurs featured in director David Schumacher's documentary The New Fire have a profound appreciation for nuclear's past and present roles. But more importantly, they understand its potential for addressing climate change - and their determination to return nuclear to energy's forefront is both uplifting and contagious.

Stay tuned for an important announcement regarding The New Fire, which spans three continents and features interviews with some of the biggest names in clean energy.
DR. ALEX CANNARA INTERVIEW WITH MICHAEL KILLEN - Stanford Physicist Dr. Alex Cannara was interviewed by Michael Killen during a live broadcast at KZSU Stanford Radio 90.1 FM. In it, Dr. Cannara challenges a controversial claim made by Environmental Engineer Mark Z. Jacobson - that 100% of California's electricity can be supplied by wind, water, and sunlight (interview begins at 1:25).
Californians for Green Nuclear Power - Position on SB 100
An entrenched fossil fuel industry is working overtime to shut down nuclear in California forever. Your donation helps CGNP challenge their attack on the environment and on the world our ancestors will inherit.