CGNP proudly welcomes our Newest Member/Honorary Californian
Rod Adams
Few would deny Rod Adams is one of the pre-eminent American commentators on nuclear energy. His qualifications are many and varied, and we look forward to his input and participation with our efforts! (if you don't already, be sure to visit for the latest on nuclear energy policy, technology, and advocacy.

CGNP and Mothers for Nuclear would like to thank all members, advocates, and environmentalists who turned out for our March 17 San Luis Obispo rally to
Save Diablo Canyon
(rally photos coming soon)

CLIMATE: The North Pole is an insane 36 degrees warmer than normal as winter descends

For the second year in a row, temperatures near the North Pole have risen to freakishly warm levels as "renewable energy" fails to keep carbon in check

Washington Post 11/17/16