Bill Gloege

Board Chairman

William is a native Californian, growing up in the San Fernando Valley, and receiving his Bachelor’s Degree from Northridge State University. He earned a Master's Degree from Georgetown University in Washington, D. C.  He has worked for the Department of the Navy, the House of Representatives, and the American Institutes for Research in the Behavioral Sciences in Silver Spring, Maryland doing psychological research for government. 

Subsequently, he served as Director of Research and Evaluation for the federal Model Cities Programs in Reading, Pa,  Atlanta, Ga. and San Jose, Ca. He retired from the City of San Jose where he served in the City Manager's Office, the Police Department and Public Works.

In his consulting business he conducted programs in research and evaluation for Santa Clara County, the City of Saratoga and Apple Computer.

Mr. Gloege founded Californians for Green Nuclear Power in early 2014 to support Diablo Canyon and help educate citizens about the role of safe, clean and healthier nuclear power to replace fossil fuel and mitigate the world's most important problem - severe climate change. 

Steve Kliewer


Endeavour Institute Education Consultant, Master Teacher, and lead developer of STEM labs and curriculum.He was the Endeavour Academy Instructor at Paso Robles High School (2000-2009) and the Paso Robles JUSD Teacher of the Year in 2007-2008.  Prior to his teaching career, Steve Kliewer worked in many different high-tech areas in government and industry.

-Cosmic Ray detector design for classroom use

-Geophysical Ocean Survey, Bathymetry, Gravimetry, & Magnetometry

-Computer programming, systems design, user training, & web design

-NASA training in Infrared Astronomy aboard the Kuiper Airborne Observatory

Kliewer received his B.S. Physics with minor in Geology at CSU, Fresno.

Joe Ivora


Born in Ventura County, CA , USAF veteran.
Graduated from Cal Poly Pomoma - BSCE  Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering
Work Experience:
  * Nuclear (21 years):
     - PG&E-- Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant -- 15 years (Engineering and Quality Assurance)
     - United Nuclear Industries --N-Reactor -3 Years (Senior Civil Engineer-- Procurement Quality Assurance)
     - Guy F. Atkinson Construction Company --3 years construction of Units 1&4 (Nuclear  plants) for Washington Public Power Supply System
  * State of California Division of Highways & Structures (11 years):
     - Worked in Construction Engineering of interchanges & highways in LA County & Ventura County
     - Interchanges : Rte I-5 & 118, Rte 405 & 118,
     - Highway Routes :118,126, 101, & etc.
  * State of California Caltrans (8 years):
     - Worked in Construction Engineering of highways in Santa Barbara County and San Luis Obispo County:
     - Designed Main Street ( Route 166) in Santa Maria
     - Lead Engineer on Broadway (Route 135) in Santa Maria & 101 Freeway in Santa Maria
     - Work on Rte's: 1, 166, 154, 146,and others.
  * US Air Force (1 year) MX Buried Trench Missile Project
     - Quality Assurance/Control Manager for Guy F. Atkinson Construction Company

Ellie Ripley

Friends of Diablo

23 Years a tour guide at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant.
Tours involved members of the general public, service organizations, schools, churches, women's groups, men's groups, PG&E employees from various positions in the company.
foreign students and foreign representatives of nuclear and energy companies.
I was interim tour director for three months May, June and July 1991.
In addition to leading tours I have given presentations to many groups, coordinated tours,
and even drove the tour bus for four years before 911.

My other activities included leading groups to the Port San Luis Lighthouse, teaching tap and line dancing and performing in the Central Coast Follies for nine years.
I recently learned to barrel race which had been a dream of mine for years.  


Raul Brenner

Advanced Research

Born in Brazil 1929.
1954 Graduated in Electrical/Electronics Engineering. 
Worked as Electronics instrumentation designer at a Nuclear Research reactor in S. Paulo until 1962.
Immigrated to the US in 1963.
Worked 21 years at Argonne National Laboratory designing electronic instrumentation for nuclear research.
In the following 10 years worked for a company developing radiation instruments for commercial applications.
Retired in 1965.
Moved to California in 2004, living in San Luis Obispo since 2008.

Since childhood I was around electricity and its generation. When I became aware of the enormous potential of nuclear fission I could immediately see its great importance for our future human civilization.

Tony Armini

Social Media

 Dr. Armini received a PhD in Nuclear Physics from UCLA.  Since then he has worked in industry for over 40 years mainly in the use and manufacture of radioactive isotopes for medical implants.  His professional career started in the aerospace industry and then transitioned into using particle accelerators and nuclear reactors to manufacture  semiconductor and medical devices. 
In 1984 he founded Implant Sciences Corp. (IMSC) and was CEO and Chief Technical Officer until retirement.  While at the company he developed and manufactured radioactive implants for the treatment of prostate and breast cancer.  He also developed a radioactive coronary stent for treatment of heart disease.  During this time he used research reactors in the U S, Canada, Europe, and South Africa to develop and activate the medical devices IMSC manufactured and sold.  
Dr. Armini has been issued 22 U S Patents, spoke at many scientific conferences and published numerous technical papers.

Gene Nelson

Government Liaison

Educational background: B.S. Biophysics, Harvey Mudd College;  Ph.D. Radiation Biophysics, SUNY Buffalo

Past employers have included: NASA -Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Technicon, CIBA-Corning Diagnostics, Cuyahoga Community College, Microsoft (contractor), Collin County College, Genuity, U.S. Census Bureau, California Polytechnic State University and assignments as a freelance investigative journalist and computer consultant.

Current employer: Cuesta College Physical Sciences Division.

Active in matters of science and public policy. Provided citizen testimony regarding DCPP's strong safety record to the Diablo Canyon Independent Safety Committee, California Coastal Commission, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, and the State Water Resources Control Board.  Have also provided in-person testimony on other matters in the U.S. House of Representatives and to the National Academy of Sciences.

Dr. Nelson lives with his wife and several pets about 10 miles from DCPP.

John Stephens


John S. Stephens, Jr. 

BA (Stanford 1954), PhD  (UCLA 1960) Area of research- fish ecology and evolution. 

Occidental College (1959-1993) James Irvine Professor of environmental Biology(1972-1993).

Founder and Executive Director (retired) of the Vantuna Research Group. 

Research Associate in fishery biology, Calpoly (2003-2008).

Studied the effects of man’s activities on reef fishes of Southern California 1965-2000. 

Twenty five years analyzing the effects of coastal power plants intakes (entrainment and entrapment), hot water effluent discharge, and fowling organism heat treatment on fish assemblages.

Wesley Weisenberger

Asst Webmaster and Membership


Wesley Weisenberger has a Ph.D. in Nuclear Physics After completing his Ph.D. thesis on an Atomic Energy Commission Fellowship at Sandia Laboratories, working with his UCLA advisor, he worked at the Naval Research Laboratory from 1971 through 1975 where he worked with the Nuclear Science Division and headed up a semiconductor reliability section. Based on successes he was appointed to serve on the Department of Defense Advisory Group on Electron Devices. After NRL He bootstrapped Ion Implant Services (IIS), a company that used accelerators to put the impurity atoms into silicon to make the chips. The company was profitable the first 20 years in a row and grew to over 200 employees and had sales over $20 million. He was also a founder and director of Orion Equipment (Ion Implantation Machines) and served on the boards of the San Jose Symphony and the Council for Continuous Improvement (an organization to improve quality in manufacturing). IIS operated in two states and he was awarded the SBA Man of The Year for Northern California in 1984 and the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year for Central Texas in 1997
Weisenberger is a Boy Scout Leader in Troup 308 in SLO and volunteers at the Scitechatorium, a Hands-On Science Museum at Bellevue-Santa-Fe Charter School in Avila Beach. He lives with his wife and 13 year-old son on Varian Ranch near SLO.