Californians for Green Nuclear Power is dedicated to promoting the peaceful use of nuclear power - an abundant, safe source of carbon-free electricity for a world desperately in need of it; to keeping Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant open, so it can continue in its important role of generating clean energy for California.


Abundant, clean, low cost, carbon-free energy for American business and citizens.


Meetings are the first & third Tuesdays of every month at 10:00 a.m. at:
The Coffee Bean
345 Five Cities Drive
Pismo Beach (across from the Pismo Outlets)
Interested parties are welcome. Please contact us for more info.

CGNP also has a table at:
Farmer's Market
Higuera & Broad Streets
San Luis Obispo
on the second and fourth Thursdays of every month.


Bill Gloege

Bill is a native Californian, growing up in the San Fernando Valley, and receiving his Bachelor’s Degree from Northridge State University. He earned a Master's Degree from Georgetown University in Washington, D. C.  He has worked for the Department of the Navy, the House of Representatives, and the American Institutes for Research in the Behavioral Sciences in Silver Spring, Maryland doing psychological research for government.
Subsequently, he served as Director of Research and Evaluation for the federal Model Cities Programs in Reading, Pa,  Atlanta, Ga. and San Jose, Ca. He retired from the City of San Jose where he served in the City Manager's Office, the Police Department and Public Works.
In his consulting business he conducted programs in research and evaluation for Santa Clara County, the City of Saratoga and Apple Computer.
Mr. Gloege founded Californians for Green Nuclear Power in early 2014 to support Diablo Canyon and help educate citizens about the role of safe, clean and healthier nuclear power to replace fossil fuel and mitigate the world's most important problem - severe climate change.

Carl Wurtz

Vice President
Carl is a software engineer/developer and a lifelong environmental activist, participating in the first Earth Day as a teenager, warning neighborhood residents of the perils of air and water pollution. He grew up near Chicago, the "greenest" city in the U.S. (90% of Chicago's electricity is generated from carbon-free nuclear energy).

Spending his formative years in proximity to the birthplace of the Manhattan Project, Argonne National Laboratory, Fermi National Laboratory (FERMILAB) and other celebrated institutions made an impression on him early in life. "Nuclear plants are like wallpaper in Illinois - they don't stand out. They don't smoke, they don't melt down, they just generate clean electricity 24/7/365," he says. "When I came to California to attend USC in 1975, I was amazed so many Californians were terrified of them. It was then I realized their fear was based on a lack of familiarity - and in terms of environmental activism, education would be my focus."

Carl has also been an activist for electric transportation. In 2007 he converted a Ford Aspire to electric power, and aided Nissan Motors in testing and development of the Nissan Leaf EV. "Electric vehicles powered by nuclear electricity generate no carbon emissions at all. With the challenge of climate change before us, that should be our goal."

Gene A. Nelson, Ph.D.

Government Liaison
Educational background: B.S. Biophysics, Harvey Mudd College; Ph.D. Radiation Biophysics, SUNY Buffalo

Past employers have included: NASA -Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Technicon, CIBA-Corning Diagnostics, Cuyahoga Community College, Microsoft (contractor), Collin County College, Genuity, U.S. Census Bureau, California Polytechnic State University, Cuesta College, and assignments as a freelance investigative journalist and computer consultant.

Current employer: IT Contractor. Pro-bono work for Californians for Green Nuclear Power

Active in matters of science and public policy. Provided citizen testimony regarding DCPP's strong safety record, reliability, and emission-free power at an economical cost to the Diablo Canyon Independent Safety Committee, California Coastal Commission, Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the State Water Resources Control Board, and The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC.) Expert witness who assisted CGNP in the preparation of over 1,000 pages of written testimony, workpapers, oral evidentiary hearing exhibits, and hearing transcripts in connection with CPUC Application A.16-08-006. Have also provided in-person testimony on other matters in the U.S. House of Representatives and to the National Academy of Sciences. Also provided written testimony regarding the transport of hazardous materials in ValuJet Flight 592 cargo to governmental oversight bodies.

Dr. Nelson is a prolific nonfiction writer.

Dr. Nelson lives with his wife and several pets about 10 miles from DCPP.

Joe Ivora

Born in Ventura County, CA , USAF veteran.
Graduated from Cal Poly Pomoma - BSCE  Bachelor of Science Civil Engineering
Work Experience:
  • Nuclear (21 years):
    • PG&E Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant - 15 years (Engineering and Quality Assurance)
    • United Nuclear Industries N-Reactor - 3 Years (Senior Civil Engineer-- Procurement Quality Assurance)
    • Guy F. Atkinson Construction Company -3 years construction of Units 1 & 4 (Nuclear plants) for Washington Public Power Supply System
  • State of California Division of Highways & Structures - 11 years
    • Worked in Construction Engineering of interchanges & highways in LA County & Ventura County
    • Interchanges : Rte I-5 & 118, Rte 405 & 118
    • Highway Routes :118,126, 101, & etc.
  • State of California Caltrans - 8 years
    • Worked in Construction Engineering of highways in Santa Barbara County and San Luis Obispo County
    • Designed Main Street (Route 166) in Santa Maria
    • Lead Engineer on Broadway (Route 135) in Santa Maria & 101 Freeway in Santa Maria
    • Work on Rtes: 1, 166, 154, 146, and others
  • US Air Force MX Buried Trench Missile Project - 1 year
    • Quality Assurance/Control Manager - Guy F. Atkinson Construction Company

Ellie Ripley

After six months of in-class and on-the-job training, Ellie served 23 years as a tour guide at Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant. Participants in her tours included members of the general public, service organizations, students from the U.S. and other countries, schools, churches, women's & men's groups - even PG&E employees from other areas in the company.

By communicating with literally thousands of tour participants over the years, Ellie gained a unique understanding of public perception - and misperception - of nuclear energy. She serves a vital role at CGNP not only as the organization's Secretary, but focusing outreach on where it can be most effective.

Raul Brenner

Advanced Research
Born in Brazil 1929.
1954 Graduated in Electrical/Electronics Engineering. 
Worked as Electronics instrumentation designer at a Nuclear Research reactor in S. Paulo until 1962.
Immigrated to the US in 1963.
Worked 21 years at Argonne National Laboratory designing electronic instrumentation for nuclear research.
In the following 10 years worked for a company developing radiation instruments for commercial applications.
Retired in 1965.
Moved to California in 2004, living in San Luis Obispo since 2008.
Since childhood I was around electricity and its generation. When I became aware of the enormous potential of nuclear fission I could immediately see its great importance for our future human civilization.