US Navy Uses Nuclear Power for Sixty Years Successfully and with No Accidents

William Gloege

Since 1950 the US Navy has powered up to 100 aircraft carriers, subs and other vessels with nuclear reactors. 

Years ago the Navy looked for the safest, most efficient, cleanest power source, and found nuclear reactors the winner by far.

Thousands of crew have served on these ships and in all those decades sailors have suffered no radiation illnesses or deaths anti-nuclear protesters claim are inevitable living close to reactors2.

Only the false fears perpetuated by anti-nuclear groups force America to keep burning global warming fossil fuels for electricity. These groups inhibit development of advanced reactors that are even safer than the current ones.

The greatest irony is anti-nuclear "environmentalists" force us to keep producing electricity from fossil fuel, the most environmentally dangerous means possible.

In sixty years, nuclear power has the best safety record for humans of all energy producing industries1.

The full truth about reactor incidents is never told. For example, nobody died in the Fukushima accident and the UN reports no one will suffer radiation health damage, but if they do it will be "...too small to detect."

Big Tobacco fooled America for decades about cancer and smoking.  Today a lot of blatantly false information has been put out about nuclear, perhaps backed by industries with a lot to lose should nucleartake over.

Let's get America to follow our US Navy's intelligent choice for nuclear power.

The Navy ignored baseless anti-nuclear propaganda and so should we.

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