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Major fossil fuel companies and energy utilities have used their financial power to take control of key renewable energy lobby groups in Europe in an effort to slow the continent’s transition to

Reliability = Safety

Diablo Canyon Power Plant saves lives. Its safe, prodigious, emission-free power protects the very young and the very old from toxic gas and coal-fired power plants. It saves 50 to 500 lives
It’s all about diversity. Whether in biology, in culture, in training, or in technology, when conditions change a system survives if there is sufficient diversity to adapt. Otherwise it dies. And things
Californians for Green Nuclear Power launched a new website today, designed to reflect more of the organization’s environmental roots while emphasizing its commitment to educating the public on matters of nuclear safety,
News that San Luis Obispo County’s largest private employer plans to declare bankruptcy in the coming days had some officials worrying Monday, with many noting PG&E’s plans could put the decommissioning of
More than one-third of the United States’ nuclear power fleet — 21 of 60 facilities that provide low-carbon electricity — will be or could be shuttered in the next decade before their

She Said, He Said

Diablo Canyon By the Numbers



Diablo Canyon generates 18 terawatthours (trillion watthours) of clean electricity each year.


Every year, Diablo Canyon prevents 9 million tons of CO2 emissions.


Diablo Canyon generates enough electricity to desalinate water for 15 cities the size of San Francisco.

Find the Spent Nuclear Fuel 

If you’re wondering where the smokestacks are at Diablo Canyon Power Plant (below), there aren’t any! Since 1985, Diablo Canyon has generated almost 600 trillion watthours of clean energy – 9% of all the electricity used in California – with zero carbon emissions.

“What about the waste?”

The nuclear fuel in each reactor (Diablo Canyon has two) needs to be replaced about every eighteen months. Though the spent fuel removed from the reactors remains dangerous for hundreds of years, there’s very little of it – the spent fuel from your lifetime electricity needs would fit inside an empty Coke can. All of Diablo Canyon’s spent fuel is stored safely onsite in sealed, dry casks.

By clicking on the photo below, see if you can find where PG&E stores all the spent fuel created since Diablo Canyon opened in 1985.