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There are five supporting files for the July 15, 2024 GreenNUKE Substack article, “The Case of the Missing 40 MMT/Year of California Electricity Sector Emissions.” CA State Under-Reporting of Unspecified Power 2021-22
CGNP has migrated its new website content to our substack at CGNP’s GreenNUKE Substack We will continue to maintain the important archival content here at our website. The image in this post
Oppose the West-Wide Governance Pathways Initiative _WWGPI_ 05 08 24 Here’s CGNP’s 31-page opposition to the WWGPI which was timely filed earlier today before the WIEB-CREPC. For your convenience, there is a
Here’s the inaugural article on CGNP’s substack. This article explains why synchronous grid inertia is vitally important to assure grid reliability. Diablo Canyon Power Plant provides significant synchronous grid inertia for the
February 16, 2024                Lavish Opposition Lobbying Likely Culprit     The independent nonprofit Californians for Green Nuclear Power (CGNP) played a pioneering role in the December
  The image above the headline was the 8.5 x 11 inch handout CGNP distributed at the Downtown SLO Farmer’s Market on Thursday night, December 14, 2023. By 2030+, CGNP anticipates that

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Diablo Canyon By the Numbers

Deaths or injuries

Deaths or injuries

are attributable to radiation from spent nuclear fuel stored at Diablo Canyon in its 38-year history.


Diablo Canyon generates 18 terawatthours (trillion watthours) of clean electricity each year.


Every year, Diablo Canyon prevents 9 million tons of CO2 emissions.

Find the Spent Nuclear Fuel 

If you’re wondering where the smokestacks are at Diablo Canyon Power Plant (below), there aren’t any! Since 1985, Diablo Canyon has generated almost 600 billion kilowatthours of clean energy – 9% of all the electricity used in California – with zero carbon emissions.

“What about the waste?”

The nuclear fuel in each reactor (Diablo Canyon has two) needs to be replaced about every eighteen months. Though the spent fuel removed from the reactors remains dangerous for hundreds of years, there’s very little of it – the spent fuel from your lifetime electricity needs would fit inside an empty Coke can. All of Diablo Canyon’s spent fuel is stored safely onsite in sealed, dry casks, on a concrete pad about the size of a convenience-store parking lot (it’s to the right of the pool of water above the plant, in the photo below).

Had coal been used to create the electricity Diablo Canyon has over its lifetime, it would have released 4.3 billion tons of ash into the environment (1.47 cubic miles, or roughly the volume of the three closest mountains in the background). Coal ash contains significant quantities of radioactive uranium and barium, as well as toxic arsenic, lead, and mercury. The 50 tons of poisonous mercury released each year by U.S. coal plants doesn’t remain harmful for hundreds of years, like spent fuel – it remains harmful forever.