Atomic Insights

Atomic Insights LLC is a publishing company based in Virginia and wholly owned by Rod Adams. Adams is an independent atomic energy expert with more than 25 years of experience in making atomic energy information accessible to the public using the internet as a primary communications tool. A retired Commander in the US Navy. Former Engineer Officer, USS Von Steuben. Founder, Adams Atomic Engines, Inc. and host and producer of The Atomic Show Podcast, here describes the purpose of Atomic Insights:

“We produce and distribute accurate information about a variety of topics associated with atomic technologies. We discuss atomic energy, the competitors to atomic energy, radiation, the risks and benefits of using nuclear technology, and the hazards of avoiding the use of nuclear technology.

“Many people ask how we make money by giving away information. Our enterprise uses a “value for value” model that depends on people who believe our products and services are worth supporting. We let you decide how much they are worth to you. Some of our supporters recognize additional value by ensuring that our products remain available to all and not obscured with advertising or hidden behind paywalls.”


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