Neutron Bytes

Neutron Bytes is the weblog of Dan Yurman, who works on project management for new business development in the Cleveland / Akron region in northeast Ohio, and previously worked at the Idaho National Laboratory from 1989-2009.

Yurman is a national member of the American Nuclear Society who serves on the Public Communications Committee and on the Social Media Team. He published a blog on nuclear energy titled “Idaho Samizdat” from 2007-2012. After a two-year hiatus, he started a new blog with a more general scope. About Neutron Bytes:

“Topics may stray into the fields of online publishing and the news media in general.

This blog will be collection of news notes on things that I find interesting in these fields. My perspective is the “so what” question, the why, and ‘what does it mean’ of a news event. I do not have an agenda, point of view, and program other than a generally positive view of commercial nuclear energy and its benefits. I’ll try to be objective, but I do have opinions and will call them out as needed.”

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