Generation Atomic

Since its founding in 2016, Gen A has worked to cultivate relationships with business leaders, pro-nuclear donors, and grassroots advocates. By engaging stakeholders at all levels, Gen A is working together with many partners to create a loud, effective, and sustainable pro-nuclear constituency.

This community building is at the heart of Gen A’s grassroots organizing and advocacy. We accomplish this objective by combining the best of old school movement building — door-to-door canvassing, community organizing, and advocacy trainings to identify and energize new nuclear supporters while empowering them with the best digital tools to make real change in the policy landscape.

The facts are clear: nuclear power is the safest way to produce energy, the “waste” has the potential to power our future, and building nuclear is the fastest way to decarbonize a society. Indeed, the only countries that have decarbonized fast enough to limit global warming have done it with nuclear. Generation Atomic is here to tell that story, with your help, and take action at the local, national, and global levels to ensure we have a future of abundant clean energy – for everyone, forever.


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