Yes Vermont Yankee

Nuclear Advocate and author Meredith Angwin is devoted to supporting clean, safe, affordable nuclear energy. She also works to protect the interests of electricity consumers (that is, all of us), by serving as one of two Vermont representatives to the steering committee of the Consumer Liaison Group of ISO-NE, the New England grid operator.

Meredith holds an M.S. in physical chemistry from the University of Chicago. In her long research career, she was inventor on several patents in pollution control for fossil fuels, and did extensive work in corrosion control for nuclear plants. Meredith was one of the first women to be a project manager at EPRI (Electric Power Research Institute), beginning with the renewables group, and moving eventually to the nuclear group. Later, she founded a small consulting company that consulted on pollution control and water chemistry for fossil, nuclear and renewable power plants, and natural gas pipelines. The company’s clients included local and international utilities.

Her nuclear advocacy work includes writing, speaking at hearings, and organizing rallies. She received a President’s Citation award from the American Nuclear Society for this work.

Meredith publishes at her own blog, Yes Vermont Yankee, as a guest blogger at Energy Northwest, at the American Nuclear Society blog, ANS Nuclear Café, and in several magazines.